Team CC, the story of Casey & Christoffer

Casey & Christoffer, what a match!
Back in 2002, fate would have it that an American girl from Michigan, and a young man from Sweden would run into each other in the center of the horse world - northern Germany.
Both passionate about riding, their paths soon crossed at the stables of Catherine Haddad Staller.

Today, Casey & Christoffer are a power team, in and outside of the riding arena.
With the help of Morten Thomsen, who has a unique ability to train dressage horses the circle is complete.

Casey thrives on bringing out the best of the best in a horse to compete in the highest classes. And she's quite good at it: in 2014 alone, she and her horse Pentimento were highly successfull in Grand Prix.

Christoffer, on the other hand really enjoys working with young horses. With a firm belief that doing things right in the beginning is critical for the later development of a horse, Christoffer has always sought to expand his skill set.

In 2013 and 2014, training in the Netherlands, he got to experience Tristan Tucker and Will Rogers. Now known as the TRT method, it's a world-renowned approach to producing confident and relaxed horses from the onset.

That's why today, the two of them are a perfect match when it comes to all-round horse care: from the first time they have a saddle on, to the first time they enter the Grand-Prix arena.

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